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A Lil' Bit O' Bliss.


It really works! 11 out of 10 people agree.

Like many others, I am a creature of habit. I like organization, routine, and structure. Nothing wrong with that and there are a lot of positive aspects to having a composed life, however, it is essential to shake things up every now and then. Throughout the years, I have discovered a few key factors to enhancing an otherwise monotonous lifestyle. Here are 5 suggestions to get you started:


Well, not per say, but take the less beaten path every now and then.It can be as simple as going the opposite direction on a loop trail that you often walk, jog or hike.If you have some extra time when heading to a destination, instead of driving on autopilot, try taking a different route and pay attention to your surroundings. Who knows what you may discover…


We all have to juggle the responsibilities of life:kids, work, dogs, home, family, and/or relationships, but it is so important to carve out some YOU time and enjoy a hobby or two (sadly, drinking wine does not count).Learn the guitar or a new language, study architecture or psychology, take pottery lessons or a self-defense class, etc. Whether it is something you can do a couple times a week or once a month, it will pull you out of your routine and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated!


When all of the work and personal responsibilities are over-whelming and you find that you simply cannot manage to carve out even 1 minute of your day to ‘expand your hobby horizon’, that’s when you know it’s time to seek help!So… hire a C3 Virtual Assistant.Not to be self-promoting, but that is the foundation and sole purpose of my company.You need a website facelift, or you have to get marketing material out, or send out Christmas cards to all your clients but there are not enough hours in the day… try hiring out and delegating.


Every time I get myself involved in a wood-related DIY project, my mom reminds me, “sand the grain – not against the grain”.Works for coffee tables, works for life.If you are continuously fighting against issues that will not change, you will exhaust all of your energy for nothing.Take a deep breath and try to distance yourself from the problem.Decide if it is truly an issue worth dealing with and, if so, maybe it’s time to take another approach.Sometimes it helps to ask for advice from someone close to you, as another point of view can sometimes provide the exact solution you need!


A Moroccan-Hungarian friend of mine from Switzerland used to always tell me, “Just ask!Don’t have any shame”.At the time, I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the power of simply asking, asking, & asking, but it is something I have been developing over the years, and I cannot put enough emphasis on how extraordinary it can be.The worst thing that can happen is rejection, right?No biggie - that is a part of life.The positives?A raise, a new job title, a loan, a life partner, a discount, a free cookie, an answer. Endless possibilities.

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