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What's bafflegab?

Glad you asked!  Bafflegab is like gobbledegook... confusing jargon.

How much does it cost for a Virtual Assistant?

Clients are invoiced at the $45 / hr rate, which is tracked per minute and billed in increments of 15 minutes.  The hourly rate covers a dedicated, enthusiastic, no-strings-attached virtual assistant just for you (yay!), which also means no employee tax fees, employee insurance, workers comp, liabilities, arduous onboarding, or sluggish staff members tweeting on company time. 

How do I get in contact with my C3VA?

We adapt to your individual working style so your C3VA is available via text, email, phone, Skype, smoke signals, communication drums, carrier pigeons, etc.

Do I need to purchase blocks of time?

You pay only for the time you use.  We understand the need for flexibility when working in a stressed environment or trying to juggle several projects at once.  We are here to help and want to have as few restrictions as possible. 

Is there a cancellation fee?

No monthly commitments means no cancellation fees.  However, if you decide to cancel our services, you are required to pay for all work completed prior to the cancellation. 

Do you offer reception services?

Unfortunately, no – that’s not part of our services offered.  We can, however, research virtual receptionist companies for you and help you pick out one that suits your needs.

When is my C3VA available?

Your C3VA is available from Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 5.00 PM MDT.  Weekends are open for urgent tasks but may be charged at a higher rate.  Please discuss all urgent requests with your C3VA.  Tasks may be submitted via email anytime and your dedicated assistant will begin working on your request(s) during standard business hours.  We are closed for standard American business holidays and your C3VA will inform you of any vacation plans. 

Will I be charged if I need my C3VA to learn a specific software?

Should you employ a proprietary software or a platform that is less common, it’s entirely possible that your C3VA will be unfamiliar with this technology.  If this is the case, your C3VA will need to train to use said software and this is indeed billed time.


We can suggest technologies that assist in bridging the gap between being virtual and being physically present, or point you in the right direction when an additional resource or referral is needed (graphics, virtual reception, sales training, video production, etc.).  Our C3VA’s are continuously learning new software, social media, marketing strategies, content creation, etc.

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