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Hey there! Want to earn some extra perks while helping out a friend? At C3 Virtual, we love referrals, and we want to show our appreciation. Here’s how it works:

Refer a Friend.

For every referral you send our way who signs up as a client, you'll receive a $100 credit applied to your monthly fees.

No Limits.

There’s no cap on how many referral credits you can earn. The more you refer, the more you save!


Your referral must sign up as a client and remain with us after the 30-day trial period for you to receive the credit. If your referral no longer remains a client after the 30-day trial period, no credit will be provided, but we greatly appreciate your help!


The Fine Print.

To receive the credit, you must still be a client with C3 Virtual. Please note, this credit can only be applied to your monthly invoice.

How to participate: 

Option 1:

Complete the referral form below with the details of the person you are referring. Once submitted, we will contact them and include you on the initial reach-out email. When they sign up with C3 Virtual and complete their 30-day trial period, you'll get your $100 credit!

Option 2:

Chat with your friend and have them reach out to us directly at They will need to include your name so that we know who to give the credit to.


Option 3:

Email them and cc for an intro, and we will take it from there.   

​It’s that simple! Help your friends discover the benefits of C3 Virtual while enjoying some great savings yourself. Start referring today! 
Referral Form

Referral Form



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